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2015, Vol. 7 No. 03 - 6950 words | Law and Justice » Human Rights
Violence against Women has recently become well recognized as a violation of human rights that holds worldwide significance. Unfortunately, violence against Women outside of North America has gone largely unnoticed among the academic community and the media. Algerian... Read Article »
2015, Vol. 7 No. 02 - 7804 words | Women's Studies » Women's Rights
In 1972, The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced to Congress to protect an individual’s irrefutable equality of rights under the law regardless of sex. Although it passed both houses and failed to secure the necessary votes for state ratification, it... Read Article »
2014, Vol. 6 No. 10 - 3392 words | History » China
For scholars of gender and sexuality, the publication of Joan Wallach Scott’s acclaimed essay “Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis” in the 1970s was a remarkable moment. The essay, although specifically directed toward Anglo-American... Read Article »
The purpose of this study was to determine whether Generation Y Women respond more to athletic ads that embodied a second-wave feminist ideology or a third-wave, post-structuralist ideology. A focus group was conducted and its findings revealed that the Women's ideological... Read Article »
The purpose of this study was to analyze advertisements in magazines targeting Women readers and find the preferred type of appeals advertisers used. This study analyzed 590 advertisements in three Women's interest magazines from October 2012 to April 2013. It was... Read Article »
Discussions, 2013, Vol. 9 No. 2 - 3756 words | Sociology » Gender
One may contend that attaining unadulterated awareness of one’s existence is, in present society, idealistic. Specifically, such achievement is unlikely if, in the midst of oppressive forces, one rests in a state of what sociologists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels... Read Article »
This article compares the media's framing of five groups in response to a societal catalyst that propelled them into the public and media spotlight: Native Americans during the Indian Wars; Women during the suffrage movement; African Americans during the Civil Rights... Read Article »
Earth Common Journal, 2013, Vol. 3 No. 2 - 4956 words | Women's Studies » Gender Inqeuality
Women’s advancement in the corporate workplace has taken significant strides over the last century. Research demonstrates, however, that despite an increased presence of female employees in mid-management positions, executive positions continue to be male dominated... Read Article »
2013, Vol. 5 No. 09 - 10018 words | Economics » Econometrics
This study investigates the behavior of the labor supply of Canadian Women at different composite hourly wages of all paid jobs in 2009. Since it is widely demonstrated in the literature that variables such as age and levels of education, as well as the demographic... Read Article »
2013, Vol. 5 No. 06 - 7595 words | Sociology » Inequality
“Tonight, we gather to affirm the greatness of our nation—not because of the height of our skyscrapers, or the power of our military, or the size of our economy. Our pride is based on a very simple premise, summed up in a declaration made over two hundred... Read Article »
2012, Vol. 4 No. 09 - 3413 words | Literature » Old English
This essay explores the roles of Women in Beowulf in a contextual assessment. It is often an incorrect assumption that Women within Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon culture are subservient to a patriarchal culture that places little to no value on them. This paper challenges... Read Article »
2012, Vol. 4 No. 05 - 2483 words | Political Science » Social Services
New York’s 1827 mayoral election was the harbinger for a new era in politics. Tammany Hall—New York’s democratic political machine—suborned thousands of immigrants to vote for the pro-Tammany ticket. With cartloads of Irish in tow, ward leaders... Read Article »
2011, Vol. 3 No. 10 - 1509 words | Women's Studies » Feminism
In 1967, Valerie Solanas wrote and self-published the SCUM Manifesto, which called for male gendercide and the creation of a superior, all-female society.[1] This radical manifesto declared that Women must “overthrow the government, eliminate the money system... Read Article »
2011, Vol. 3 No. 10 - 4371 words | Women's Studies » Women's Studies
Since the early 20th century, the feminist movement has made enormous strides to improve the status of female athletes. Prior to the movement’s achievements, female athletes had to play in much poorer facilities, under different rules, and with stricter dress... Read Article »
2011, Vol. 3 No. 09 - 3848 words | Visual Art » Women's Studies
The prevailing issue of fin-de-siècle France was the increasing autonomy of Women. Independence for Women threatened traditional social and gender roles, and consequently men’s civil power. Margaret and Frances Macdonald embodied this “new woman&... Read Article »
2011, Vol. 3 No. 07 - 4296 words | Sociology » American Media
American culture is saturated with messages propagated by mass media. What was originally created for encouraging consumerism is now being promoted to a society that is being consumed by the messages themselves. Mass media is especially harmful to Women because it... Read Article »
2011, Vol. 3 No. 05 - 3447 words | Political Science »
Despite the increasing number of states that have ratified binding international human rights treaties, human rights abuses continue unabated. The persistence of rights abuses cast doubt on the efficacy of human rights treaties. This paper empirically examines whether... Read Article »
2011, Vol. 3 No. 03 - 4423 words | Literature » British Modernism
Rebecca West’s 1918 novel The Return of the Soldier dissects the socioeconomic and psychological tensions wrought by the upheaval of the First World War. In a nuanced reiteration of the typical trope of a soldier’s return, Christopher Baldry is dispatched... Read Article »
2011, Vol. 3 No. 02 - 6235 words | History » China
Christianity has not gained a large number of adepts in China, if compared, for example, with Japan. But Christianity in China, in the late Imperial Era, had a number of particularities. Moreover, Christianity sometimes influenced Chinese Women’s lives but only... Read Article »
2011, Vol. 3 No. 01 - 2288 words | Literature » Fairy Tales
Madame de Beaumont's Beauty and the Beast and Angela Carter's The Tiger's Bride delve into the nature of men and Women and the relationships between them by exploring and analyzing the motifs of wildness and civilization. Thus, Women are presented as the civilizing... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 12 - 5310 words | Literature » Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is a novel about the human psyche. It is as concerned with man’s ability to descend into madness as it is with his ability to break away from it and triumph over the dark, consuming impulses that threaten to consume his... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 12 - 1922 words | Literature » Giovanni Boccaccio
In the society that Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron is set in, Women generally are held in a lower social standing than men. As with most societies until relatively recently in history, Women were not allowed to have a significant role in society, other than... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 11 - 1601 words | Sociology » Women's Studies
Historically, female models in photographic art have depicted an ideological construction of the female body which Women, regardless of stature, ethnicity or class, must conform to. John Berger (1972, p. 46) notes that ‘to be born a woman has been to be born&... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 10 - 4744 words | Religious Studies » Christianity
Sexism is not unique to Christianity; however, in the Christian religion many of those who identify themselves as Christian fundamentalists are more likely to hold sexist views of Women. Because the scriptures were written during a time in which Women had few rights... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 09 - 1993 words | History » Ancient Japan
The role of Women in ancient Japan elicits inconsistencies due to different influences that were integrated at various time periods. The primary influence that contributed to these inconsistencies was religion. Integration of the two major religions of Japan, Shintoism... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 07 - 2284 words | Literature » Aphra Behn
Following the collapse of the Puritan Protectorate in 1660, the halls of court seemed to buzz with a festive attitude: “Out with the old and in with the… older.” Cavalier revelries under Charles II regained the notoriety of their pre-Cromwellian... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 03 - 2830 words | Religious Studies » Islam
From skimpy skirts to smoldering skivvies, American’s remember the 1960s as a decade of social change and assertion of the rights and strengths of Women. True to American style, the Women’s movement was fought and won boldly and bluntly in the public square... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 01 - 864 words | Literature » Women in Literature
In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the author characterizes each woman as passive, disposable and serving a utilitarian function. Female characters like Safie, Elizabeth, Justine, Margaret and Agatha provide nothing more but a channel of action for the male characters... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 01 - 1576 words | Communication Studies » Women's Issues
Mass media is perhaps the most powerful tool in the world for creating, changing or perpetuating society’s ideas about an issue or group of people. It works both overtly and subconsciously: deciding which issues are important, how to frame those issues, who to... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 01 - 5131 words | Literature » Female Oppression
Sylvia Plath‘s The Bell Jar is about a young woman named Esther Greenwood entering college in the early 1950’s, a time before the second wave of the Women’s movement had been implemented. Esther has dreams of becoming a famous writer while most of... Read Article »
2010, Vol. 2 No. 01 - 2984 words | International Affairs » Rwanda
On April 6, 1994, the Hutu[1] president of Rwanda and the newly elected president of Burundi, also a Hutu, were both assassinated when their jet was shot down while landing in Kigali. In response to the April killing of the two state presidents, over the next three... Read Article »
2009, Vol. 1 No. 12 - 3368 words | History » Rwanda
“The genocide was a collective act. What made it possible, what made that final political crime possible was the absence, the erasure of seeing the other, of knowing, of feeling, of being with the other. And when that's removed, then politics can become genocidal... Read Article »
2009, Vol. 1 No. 12 - 1370 words | Opinion » Nationalism
Nationalism is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as, “loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially: a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed... Read Article »
2009, Vol. 1 No. 11 - 1235 words | Sociology » Women's Studies
In her book, Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women’s Lives (2000), Cynthia Enloe examines the role militarization plays in Women’s lives. Enloe defines militarization as “a step-by-step process by which a person or a thing gradually... Read Article »
2009, Vol. 1 No. 11 - 748 words | Literature » Shakespeare
In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, he presents the conflicting character of Lady Macbeth. Upon receiving her husband’s letter about the witches’ prophesies, she attempts to be like a man in order to exude the strength needed to gain additional social... Read Article »
2009, Vol. 1 No. 11 - 5189 words | Health Science » Sex Education
The ability to control one’s sexuality and make informed, responsible decisions about one’s sexual health is a basic human right. The Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, France and Germany protect this right by providing comprehensive sex education in their... Read Article »
2009, Vol. 1 No. 11 - 5289 words | Psychology » Battered Women
Every year, 10-50% of Women suffer intimate partner violence (Bargai, Ben-Shakhar, & Shalev, 2007). It is important to understand what conditions affect these battered Women and how any resultant conditions interact with each other in order to help abused Women... Read Article »
2009, Vol. 1 No. 11 - 2425 words | Sociology » Prostitution
Sex work has long been criticized and stigmatized in our society. While many members of society view sex work as immoral and degrading to Women, I argue that sex work is essentially just work, and that it is not necessarily harmful to Women. Under circumstances in... Read Article »

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