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2014, Vol. 6 No. 04 - 3776 words | History » Russian Civil War
In 1914 Russia was a powerful empire. It constituted a fundamental part of the European balance of power. However, years of bloody and costly war changed the nation by bringing to boil all the inequities and discontent built up under the Tsarist order. By 1917 up to... Read Article »
2013, Vol. 5 No. 08 - 2911 words | International Affairs » Security
After World War II, the United States Military gradually came into a position of overwhelming dominance in the world. Military spending in the United States far outpaces that of other countries, with their world share of Military expenditures at 41% in 2011, followed... Read Article »
2012, Vol. 4 No. 10 - 3354 words | History » Ancient China
Since his death in 1142 CE, Yue Fei of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) has been revered by the Chinese as a national hero. His skill as a Military leader, bravery in battle, and Chinese national pride have made him one of the most popular figures in Chinese history. However... Read Article »
2012, Vol. 4 No. 09 - 3897 words | History » European History
Napoleon Bonaparte is considered one of the greatest Military minds in the history of warfare. When Napoleon Bonaparte launched into a long series of wars known as the “Napoleonic Wars” with Europe in 1799, he was determined to extend the territorial boundaries... Read Article »
2011, Vol. 3 No. 05 - 3751 words | History » Military History
Insurgency is not a new phenomenon for the United States, in fact by definition the American's built an insurgency during the Revolutionary War. But it was not until the Vietnam War that America faced an insurgency that it could not defeat. Because of the infamy of... Read Article »
2009, Vol. 1 No. 11 - 1235 words | Sociology » Women's Studies
In her book, Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women’s Lives (2000), Cynthia Enloe examines the role militarization plays in women’s lives. Enloe defines militarization as “a step-by-step process by which a person or a thing gradually... Read Article »
2009, Vol. 1 No. 10 - 1947 words | Political Science » The Media
“News is something someone wants suppressed,” British newspaper baron Lord Northcliffe once said. “Everything else is just advertising.” This point is especially true in war journalism where every story, be it a heart-warming depiction of troops... Read Article »

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