Implementation of Multi Input Power Converter for Grid Connected Hybrid Renewable Energy Generation System

By Yuvaraj V
2011, Vol. 3 No. 06 | pg. 1/1


The objective of this paper is to propose a novel multi-input power converter for the grid-connected hybrid renewable energy system in order to simplify the power system and reduce the cost. The proposed multi-input power converter consists of a Cuk fused multi-input dc–dc converter and a fullbridge dc–ac inverter. The incremental conductance (IncCond) method is mainly used to accomplish the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm for input sources. The operational principle of the proposed multi-input power converter is explained. A multi-input power converter (MIPC) which operates in four modes: first an operation type wherein power is delivered to dc Bus from hybrid renewable energy sources; second a single type wherein only one renewable energy source supplies power to the dc Bus; third an inverter type wherein power is delivered to dc Bus from ac grid via inverter module, and fourth a battery type wherein power is delivered to dc Bus from batteries without renewable energy source. The integration of the dc Bus and a hybrid renewable power supply system is implemented and simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK. A hybrid renewable power energy which integrates the solar energy, wind-power.

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